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The Internet is here to stay people!

So lets get involved! As digital marketing is the way of the future.

To get in front of your audience you need to be:

  1. Be present.  

  2. Be targeted.

  3. Create a call to action. 

  4. Ensure there is repetition.  


This is the quantitative side of social media marketing; a budget set is and clear call to action guidelines are established. However setting the goals and calculating the ROI is an ongoing ever-changing challenge for any business or brand within the social media space.

  • Create the drive or demand for people to act.

  • Is there an emotional drive to act or buy?


SOCIAL MEDIA ROI =(SM return–SM investment) / SM investment percentage.

No Business or Brand wants to invest money and resources into a campaign that doesn’t pay off.

Asking the following questions;

1. Will social media advertising result in a return from the effort, time and money spent?

2. How will this return be proven?

3. How to generate the content for the piece of advertisement for Social Media?

4. Is there content that will perform better and show a higher ROI?

5. After the content has gone live, how will the results be measured?


Measurable results are key when running a social media advertising campaign. No two campaigns are the same, every brand and business has there own goals and objectives. Example of goal setting:


Goal No. 1: Increase social media brand awareness and social engagement.

Measurable Metrics:  General social engagement such as Likes, Shares, Comments, Tags, Hastags, Mentions, Favorites, Follower growth rate, and Copycat Posts. 


Goal No. 2: Increase traffic to your website

Measurable Metrics: URL clicks, hyperlinks and traffic from social media advertising.


Goal No. 3: Increase sales via Social Advertising

Measurable Metrics: Number of redeemed vouchers, number of online bookings, number of direct purchases from Advert, number of shares for a discount code used.


Meeting the ROI goals for Social Media is about updating and adapting the strategy as the landscape is always changing. What works for the first month may not work for the second month and so on.

Tracking the analytics for each campaign is essential to develop and improve the success.However measuring the changes and challenges gives your brand or business greater insight in the ROI and the insightful of successful past campaigns and knowledge needed the implementation of future campaign creation and management.

Social media is about engaging an online audience and creating a strong social footprint, allowing your brand to stay up-to-date in the eye of the consumer. It is about brand awareness and brand education, connecting your brand with the consumer and allowing the consumer to connect directly with your brand in real time.

Digital marketing, such as SEO, SEM and Social Media should be apart of your marketing plan!


Our team here at Avenew is comprized of online media marketing specialists and we know that digital marketing is not one size fits all.

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We tailor a digital strategy to create strong online presences for your business via;

  • Paid digital advertising (SEM)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Plus other tools and resources to gain optimum conversions.


This is a bespoke service and we work with you to ensure we completely understand your business needs,

objectives and your budget.

  • Formulation of a digital strategy  

  • Content management & visual strategy

  • Content planning

  • Social Media advertising buying & budgeting

  • Multi platform management

  • Promotion, competition planning & implementation

  • Reporting and Analytics

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