• Emma Rose & Tempest Scammell

Instagram & how we work

Instagram is the brands digital magazine and look book. Through strong imagery, we will tell the brands story and demonstrate the ideal brand lifestyle, painting a visual picture of who the brand is and the key brand attributes.

One of the great things about Instagram, is that it’s real time live consumer content, that is extremely interactive and in the NOW. It’s very relevant to the moment and creates an urgency to act.

Generating organic HYPE through the use of 'influencer's', which are new age digital social celebrities, who create urgency to act in any consumer marketplace. Avenew would be working closely with Key IT bloggers that fit the brands demographic and profile and different bloggers would be selected to work with the different products within a brands range. Creating and shooting content, providing strict guidelines for bloggers for content, captions and day of posts. Everything is pre approved by Avenew prior to blogger posting.


IT bloggers will set the trend and then the general public and demographic follows and shares, like that of a domino effect. As the brands grows and strengthens in Australia, you will find the following, reach and organic posting by your every day brand user will naturally grow.

On top of paid Instagram posts with bloggers, we can also engage certain bloggers that perfectly fit the brands profile for a month activation, where the brand will gift for a period of time in return for weekly endorsements on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Here are the key ways Avenew will boost MG’s social profile on Instagram

  1. Storytelling - creating the ideal brand lifestyle via the use of imagery

  2. Blogger partnership deals

  3. Brand collaborations