• Emma Rose


"Ok let’s face it, if you’re going to sell clothing/accessories online, you need attractive pictures to sell your items.

It’s all in the presentation of your item, which means how you photograph it.

Now don’t sweat it. It really isn’t difficult to take a good photo, you just have to put a little thought and time into it.

Remember, if you can make somebody want to buy your ten year old formal dress, you can conquer the world.

Here are my 3 handy tips to taking great photos which will sell your wardrobe at Buy My Clothes.


I really can't stress how important lighting is. It’s like the queen bee factor when taking a good photo. If you can find a way to use natural light, do it. This helps with highlighting and correctly depicting any detailing that the flash may wash out. Set your shot up near a window or near a white wall if it reflects enough window light.

If you have a nice outdoor area use that also, just make sure to shoot in early morning or late afternoon light and not the harsh middle of the day sun.

If you can't use natural light and need to shoot inside with the flash, just be sure to edit your images and lighten them to show the detailing of the item.


Keep your background as simple as possible so it doesn't detract from the clothing. In saying that, sometimes colour can work if it isn't too distracting and doesn't clash with the item you’re shooting.

For small items such as jewellery or accessories, you can use more interesting background or colour block. For example, wood, cloth, metal or paper can all add a little something something to those images.

Also, be aware that if you have mirrored surfaces or windows in your shoot, your reflection will show up in the image as well. If you’re taking a mirror selfie, make sure the room is tidy and the shot is as clear as possible.


The more images you shoot the better, you’re showing the buyer the item from every view point. It’s always better to have more images to pick from than not enough. If you’re photographing clothing or jewellery, definitely shoot it with someone wearing it. Ideally yourself or the right body type etc. (get one of your cute friends to model it). Clothing always looks better on than in a flat lay.

I also recommend shooting close ups, a shot of the whole item and different shots from all different angles so the buyer knows exactly what they are getting.