• Emma Rose & Tempest Scammell

Case Studies of Social Success

Buy My Clothes

By My Clothes is an Online Market Place where you buy, sell and trade new and pre loved fashion. The only advertising used by this platform is social media influencer affiliate programs, as a result the launch of the website attracted 10,000 active users at one time in the first 30minutes of launching. The success of the launch and ongoing growth is the result of social media and influencers reach. This is all organic.

Uber & Generosity Water

Generosity Water is a charity water company that helps provide access to clean drinking water in third world countries. After noticing Generosity Water on social media, Uber contacted us to undergo a social awareness campaign across Sydney, Uber stocked their cars with bottles of Generosity Water and marketing material to all guests, for a week period to spread the word of helping others.


BeachFlow Bondi is a new yoga studio based in Bondi. Avenew is responsible for social media management and has build an extremely strong and visually appealing following, which has resulted in free mass media exposure

Proof of the power of good social media:

KISFM contacted us to run a live segment from the studio and created a video that is now live on the KISFM website.

JetStar Magazine contacted us after finding BeachFlow on instagram and sent a journalist into the studio to write an article, which is now in the current InFlight Magazine on every JetStar flight.

ClassPass, which is an international booking platform within the fitness industry, nominated BeachFlow as its most desirable studio in Sydney, as a result of social media lifestyle storytelling.

Boohoo clothing, a large and well known UK e-trailer, contacted BeachFlow to hold a fashion & media launch at the studio after coming across the Instagram account.

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