• Tempest Scammell

Thinking of doing an Influencer Campaign? Here are some key points for you!

Getting started with an Influencer Campaign can be extremely overwhelming!

So we thought we would provide a little information as to the process we take as a Social Media Agency when looking into a new campaign connecting the social dots via influencers.

Firstly, let us say, the use of influencers to endorse your brand via social media is an essential part of the social media process. If you want your brand to be seen by the masses you need to connect with the IT kids on the block!

Secondly, its not a one size fits all approach when it comes to the world of social. Every brand has a different look and feel, just like every influencer has their own style of delivery and an audience that followers them as a result of their style.

Which brings me to my first key point;

1. Brands DO NOT MAKE YOUR PAID FOR POST SOUND LIKE AN ADVERT when using an influencer. Allow the influencer to deliver you brands message in their style, or it will look and sound unnatural and therefore not attracted the ideal attention!!

2. Hand pick the influencers you want to use according to their audience and its relevance to your brand. Do not pick someone because you have a personal interest in their posts…. Set the objectives for the campaign and it will make it easier eliminate or select influencers according to their audience reach. Does this influencer’s audience care for the brand I want to promote to them? Will I get a ROI?

3. Timing and Day of the week. Guys this is essential! Listen to the influencers when they say what times work best, they know their audience better than anyone. If they say 5pm on a Friday doesn’t work, they mean it!!

4. Budget: set a budget that you want spend for the duration of your campaign and then split this budget up into number of posts you can purchase. Ideally you want more than less, so get creative and make deals with the influencers.

5. Repetition is KEY!! Social media is no different to any other forms of advertising. Would you purchase a single radio slot or a one time TV ad slot? I think not, because the chance of sales as a result of a single ad is next to none. You need to always be popping up in front of people to create brand awareness and brand loyalty.