Strategic Social Media Marketing 

Essentially we become your social media resource. 

  1. Develop a social media marketing strategy to suit your business objectives

  2. Plan and manage your digital strategy to reach your target audience effectively

  3. Influencer marketing to engage with your local communities and build your online footprint. 

We lead every project from start to finish to ensure the execution is done seamlessly.

  • We develop the plan with you.

  • We manage and execute the plan through our team, working closely with yours.

  • We manage all areas of your social media in-house.

  • We advise on social media campaign ideas, activations and paid for social reach. 

Social Media Management

We plan and lead all areas of your social media outreach, recommended platforms are Facebook and Instagram. The aim of Social Media Marketing is to get in front of your audience on a daily by;

  1. Be present & active on Social

  2. Be interesting & engaging by utilising relevant content

  3. Engage with key Social Media Influencers

  4. Create and develop the ideal brand lifestyle


What we do for you:
What you do:

What will be managed by Rixx EyeWear

  • Facebook Advertising Spend and Boosting budget to be managed by Rixx Eyewear. 

  • Additional budget to be set for Paid Influencer Marketing. Avenew to manage the influencers and Rixx Eyewear to pay the influencer's invoice directly. 

  • Behind the scenes Instagram stories of the factory, company, and staffing etc. 

  • Facebook LIVE streams managed by Rixx EyeWear showing the office and the staff hard at work or when a new style arrives etc. 

Avenew will cover the following services on behalf of Rixx EyeWear

  • Monthly content creation, such as:

    • A monthly photoshoot - either lifestyle or studio (subject to what is needed)

    • Video content from shoot

  • Influencer Outreach and Management

  • Social Media Marketing and Management 

    • Daily management of social media account and posting

    • Community engagement

  • Social Media calendar management 

  • Campaign Idea Generation for Social Reach

  • Monthly Email Marketing Campaign to our list 12,000 online fashion shopper database. 




Social media marketing is about telling a story and building a community of audience members who want to interact on a daily bases. We work with you to deliver visually interesting content that communicates the key topics of the brands.  




Social media marketing is a competitive landscape for any business due to the major shift into the digital world. This means it is essential for businesses to be present and creative across social media platforms whilst also giving people a reason to engage with the brand for an extended period of time. To do this we need to build a strong brand character and brand story on social media.



Successfully grow the brands following on Social Media, align brand with social media influencers and deliver a visually appealing social media story for the target audience.




Social content creation - Image, video and written content. 

Social media management & marketing. 

Social growth system.



Micro-influencer gifting. 

Paid influencer marketing. 



Brand gifting collab campaign.

Campaign idea generation for social reach. 

Ambassador program management. 




Curated images and storyboard (Instagram needs to be your brand’s digital magazine). Use of interesting captions, hashtags and tagging. Influencers to gain visual traction. Social sharing and audience copycat posting. Growth hacking to target competitors audience members.


Image rich storytelling; Instagram is your brand’s magazine delivering beautifully curated images. This storyboard communicates to your audience who you are and what you like as a brand from a day-to-day viewpoint.  

The storyboard will be enhanced by using the following:   

1. Interesting captions, Hashtags and tagging. 

2. Images of influencers to gain visual traction, social sharing and audience copycat posting.  

3. Growth system to target competitor’s audience members and increase activity.  



NOTE: This is a guide to follow to ensure consistency  

NUMBER OF POSTS: 1 per day to maintain activity and growth 

TIMES:  7AM & 8PM (subject to change once we see the backend analytics)  

IMAGES: High quality, colour blocking images. 


Storyboard & Daily Management  

  • Visually tell the brands story on Social Media platforms via the use of images and captions 

  • Content generation & inspo imagery to support the brand message  

  • Caption creation  

  • Use of influencer images to generate social trending (organic hype and exposer) 

  • Key posting times 

  • Hashtags that are relevant to the brand 

  • Tagging relevant to the brand 


Influencer Campaign Management  

Connect with social influencers to grow the following, using the influencers audience to drive traffic to the page and generate awareness within the social space.   

Example segments of influencers:  


Healthy, Lifestyle and Fashion influencers 

Using strategic placement of images on the influencer’s page, to target a mainstream following.  

Target: Female & Male audience  

Age: 25-35 & 35-44 

Type: Paid and nonpaid for brand promotion 


High-end Luxury Brand collaboration  

Brand collaborations, such as; flat-lay influencers, flower delivery companies, sports brands, watches companies, consumer product companies and hotels.   

Target: Female & Male audience 

Age: 25-35 & 35-44 

Type: Paid and nonpaid for brand promotion 


Pink Dollar 

Ideally looking to work with homosexual male influencers to create brand awareness within this segment of the market.  

Target: Homosexual male audience  

Age: 25-35 & 35-44 

Type: Paid and nonpaid for brand promotion 


Social media growth is an essential part of the process, the number of followers you have are a direct indicator as to how popular you are! Within the world of Social that is, this measurement is very similar to that of the school playground. Numbers play a big part.  



Instagram growth should steady after the first couple of weeks of take over, with an estimated growth of 200 to 500 followers per month. 


We work with an amazing growth system, where we select key accounts that have a following that we believe is relevant to the your brand. The system likes and follows these people on behave of the brands account. It generates a large amount of activity from the account, which results in the following:  

  • Increases visibility of the Instagram account 

  • The account will appear in the discovery page more often 

  • There will be an increase in real followers 

  • There will be an increase of likes 



Use Facebook for its targeting capabilities for paid advertising. Event information sharing and boost posts for competitions. Social sharing functionality of photo gallery – past and present Introduction of brand culture via audience sharing


  • Paid social media reach, tailoring the content to target the different segments of the market.

  • Use organic (raw) footage created by audience members and share across the Facebook platform. 

  • Run 'LIVE' feeds from an internal view point, before an interview, during an interview, mini business tips and behind the at scenes events.  

  • Creation of a Facebook Group, to grow a community of active brand users and strength brand loyalty online.

  • Educational video and blog post sharing.  

  • Video blog posts to show behind the scenes, the brand journey and brand story.  



A multi-platform social content distribution strategy, using the individual strengths of each platform to achieve the desired reach and outcome.


Telling the brand’s story on Social Media across the different platforms:​


Daily Instagram posts, creating the ideal brand story and lifestyle.


Influencer images to create brand awareness and recognition. 


Visually appealing inspo images relevant to the brand's story.


Re-sharing of images created by influencers.

Quote graphics - to clear the palette and to add lighthearted humour to the page. 


Images of products.


Delivery of educational content


Video blog posts, join the Rixx EyeWear world journey. 


Interviews with the creators of Rixx EyeWear- written or video


How to guide, Tips and Tricks to find the perfect style and shape for your face. ​


Sharing of fun, relevant videos on the Facebook page to create organic community engagement. 


Share all Instagram images to Facebook. 


Sharing of media, articles and related news. 



Daily stories shared to audience.


Meet the team.


Behind the scenes.  


What's news?  


Re-sharing of past Instagram posts.


Re-sharing of images created by influencers.

Video and Boomerang videos 


Paid Facebook advertising & boosting (managed by Rixx Eyewear).


Paid Influencer gifting for brand awareness  


SHOP NOW paid; Call to action. 


Promote the different retail spots or online platforms


Collaborations with lifestyel bloggers, brands and celebs to educate the audience.  


Creation of video shorts to deliver the brands story via Social Media.    





Monthly Content Creation

Influencer Outreach and Management

Influencer Gifting Campaign Management

Social Calendar Management

Social Storyboard creation

Daily Social Media Account Management

Community Engagement

Growth System

Monthly Email Marketing



 Monthly retainer $2,000

                   (*plus GST)


Cost's not included in the above retainer include: ​

Facebook Advertising Budget 

Paid social influencer marketing Budget 

Here at Avenew we offer a boutique, hands-on approach, specifically tailored to your brand and product. Our bespoke strategies for Storytelling focus on your unique objectives and target audience.

We not only create and promote brand presence and awareness in the digital marketplace, but quantifiably improve customer engagement, driving the right traffic to your social platforms.