Why Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t just an alternative to traditional media — it’s turning the traditional model on its head. Traditionally, consumers made purchasing decisions based on the advertisements they saw or heard on TV or in print media. Today, it’s easier to connect with consumers via social media and make better purchasing decisions, by learning about their experiences with a product or service.

It’s no secret – the world has shifted to social media. A new report from Salesforce just published has found that 70 percent of brands are increasing their social media budget this coming year.

For the ambitious marketer, the rise of the social media influencer creates a world of possibilities. It opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers more directly, more organically and at scale.

By creating authentic content with social media influencers, brands can further amplify their messages to their target audience and build a stronger brand pro le within the social media space.

Our Approach


We develop the plan with you


We manage & execute the plan through our team, working closely with yours.


We manage all areas of your social media in-house


We advise on social media campaign ideas, activations and paid social reach.

Social Storytelling

 Social media marketing is about creating a 360-degree view about your brand on social media. We effectively employ each platform to its maximum capacity in order to promote dialogue about your brand. Through social storytelling, we support all other aspects of your business from sales and marketing too long-term advertising activation.


Avenew tells your brand's social story in real time, across selected multi-social media platforms. We build and manage your social community using your brand's unique tone and style. We do this using the following steps:





Social Steps


We develop a robust deck of original content. 


We activate all social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and more...


We identify key influencer hit lists and spark effective outreach.


We identify contemporary brands & businesses to exchange audiences, cross-promote products and enhance profiles. 


We develop creative methods to generate brand hype on social via the use of influencers.


We enhance paid social advertising to optimise outreach.  


We actively pursue event and placement opportunities that would best suit your brand. 


We encourage interaction with consumers through contests that call for user-generated content. 

Social media marketing is a competitive landscape, it is essential for businesses to be present and creative across social media platforms. Giving people a reason to engage with the brand for an extended period of time. To do this, we need to build a strong brand character and brand story on social media.

Getting in front of your audience

To get in front of your audience you need to:


  1. Be present & active on Social

  2. Be interesting & engaging by utilising relevant content

  3. Engage with key Social Media Influencers

  4. Create and develop the ideal brand lifestyle

Social Media is a great tool when used correctly. Social media is now such a part of daily life that it has become truly essential to your brand’s marketing mix. Why you may ask? With over 15 million active Facebook users in Australia, 5 million active monthly users on Instagram and over 2 million active profiles on Snapchat, social media is now a quintessential form of modern advertising and Storytelling. And that means getting it right is now more imperative than ever.


More and more brands are telling their stories directly to their customers daily via multiple social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat & Instagram. If your brand isn’t communicating with potential consumers online via these amazing digital spaces, you aren't reaching all your audience and running the risk of losing people to other competitors. If you’re not Social, you’re missing out!


One of the challenges most brands face is a lack of understanding in how to effectively run their social media. That is why it is essential that you align yourself with a strategic social media partner. Leave it to experts! Let us help you make your brand a social media success!


Here at Avenew we offer a boutique, hands-on approach, specifically tailored to your brand and product. Our bespoke strategies for Storytelling focus on your unique objectives and target audience.


We not only create and promote brand presence and awareness in the digital marketplace but quantifiably improve customer engagement, driving the right traffic to your social platforms.


Talk to us today about Storytelling by Avenew.