To get in front of your audience you need to:

  1. Be present & active on Social

  2. Be interesting & engaging via the use of relevant content 

  3. Engage with Social Media Influencers

  4. Create the ideal brand lifestyle

Instagram is your brand's digital magazine and look-book. Through strong imagery, we tell the brand's story and demonstrate an ideal brand lifestyle, painting a visual picture of what the brand is, who its users are and which aspects are key brand attributes.  

One of the great things about Instagram is that it reflects real-time live consumer content. It is extremely interactive and keeps people present. It’s all about the NOW, and creates an urgency to act!

Images generate organic HYPE through the use of 'influencers' who are new-age digital social celebrities.

Avenew works closely with these influencers who we identify as key 'it' bloggers. We recognise influencers who fit the brand profile and address the target demographic. Our bloggers are specially selected to work with the different products within a brand's range based on expertise, experience and passion!

We create content, provide strict guidelines to our bloggers, and monitor the captions and distribution of each and every post. Everything is pre-approved by Avenew prior to posting to ensure it is in line with the marketing strategy of the brand.


Here at Avenew we employ a trickle-down strategy that works like a domino effect. 'It' bloggers set the trend, the general public (made of the target demographic) follows the brand and shares the content on and on, meaning that it is the user interface that grows and strengthens the brand locally and beyond. We seek out the ideal following, match their interests with your product and then post the everyday aspect of the brand. This allows the product awareness to expand organically.

Alongside regular Instagram posts, Avenew coordinate the brand with selected 'it' bloggers who perfectly fit the product profile. We use acute phase activations and gift strategy for a period of time in return for weekly endorsements on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Here are the key ways Avenew will boost your brand's social profile on Instagram:

  1. Storytelling  - creating the ideal brand lifestyle via the use of imagery.

  2. Blogger partnership deals - matching your brand to the perfect 'it' blogger.

  3. Brand collaborations - connecting labels to grow awareness and share audiences.


Avenew extends reach on Facebook by endorsing the same visual stories as seen on Instagram, and then adding additional images & videos that are not suitable for the staged Instagram layout. Avenew engages and builds the growing brand's Facebook page, by utilising its advanced targeting capabilities to advertise. Since Facebook updated its algorithm, an advertising budget is only the beginning of cracking the capacity for exposure and reaching more than the typical 6% of page followers. Facebook advertising is also a great reporting tool and designed so you can choose your demographic of audience, their location and their interests. Its learning algorithms means that with the right team behind it, you can specifically targeted your marketing straight to the user who wants to see it most.



Here are the key ways Avenew will manage your brand's social profile on Facebook:

  1. We create a Business Page that is visually appealing and demonstrates the brand lifestyle, as well as providing video content and snapshots of consumer-shared images and comments.

  2. We employ advertising to increase brand awareness, utilise individual booster posts and extend reach via multiple article-advertising placements.


LinkedIn is the corporate/profile social media platform that plays an important role in sharing relevant market information, brand stories, articles, updates about the brand as well as any brand presence in social and the news.

Avenew uses LinkedIn as a platform to advertise a brand alongside individual profiles.


  1. We use LinkedIn is as platform for education and information sharing.

  2. We get the best out of paid advertising in order to target key audience demographics.


Snapchat is the new 'it' kid on the block.  Although the app has been around for some time now, its popularity is growing dramatically, particularly for young people aged 18-24. Snapchat is only just starting to work with major brands, so now is a great time to take advantage of relatively cost effective advertising. More and more clients are requesting digital influencers for Snapchat views and stats and booking influencers for paid time on their snapchat profile. Snapchat is an essential and ever-changing social platform, hugely interactive and promotes live feeds, making it the key driver toward this future of advertising. 

Avenew organises Snapchat takeovers with influencers and 'it' users, covers live events, shares memories of brand 'moments' and offers promotional giveaway campaigns to drive exposure.



Avenew connects with key Snapchat influencers to produce daily snap stories that excite and engage audiences. The Snapchat stories are playful, fun and organic showing a real-time brand connection. 

Here are 3 key ways we surprise and delight the Snap audience and grow your brand's awareness:

1: We provide live Snapchat access to Events and Activations

2: We spread the word about time-critical promotional giveaways 

3: We partner with key 'it' Snapchatters and influencers

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