Strategic Marketing

Essentially we become your marketing and social media resource. We develop a strategic marketing plan based on your objectives, market opportunity, as well as your expectations.

  1. Develop a marketing strategy to suit your business objectives

  2. Plan and manage your digital strategy to reach your target audience effectively

  3. Activations to engage with your local communities and drive sales

We lead every project from start to finish to ensure the execution is done seamlessly.

  • We develop the plan with you.

  • We manage and execute the plan through our team as well as external stakeholders.

  • We manage marketing and social media in-house.

  • We advise on social, digital and other advertising and partnership opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

We plan and lead all areas of your social media outreach, recommended platforms are Facebook and Instagram. The aim of Social Media Marketing is to get in front of your audience on a daily by;

  1. Be present & active on Social

  2. Be interesting & engaging by utilising relevant content

  3. Engage with key Social Media Influencers

  4. Create and develop the ideal brand lifestyle


Avenew will cover the following social media services on behalf of The Dental Room:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Community engagement

  • Influencer Campaign Management

  • Digital Media Strategy & Buying

  • Campaign Idea Generation for Social Reach


What will be managed by Dental Room?

  • Additional on premise Instagram stories

  • Facebook LIVE streams managed by The Dental Room in office staff. 


Below is the selection of the key platforms for The Dental Room to tell the story:

Facebook: @The Dental Room

Instagram: @The_Dental_Room


A multi-platform social content distribution strategy, using the individual strengths of each platform to achieve the desired reach and outcome.


Telling the brand’s story on Social Media across the different platforms:


Social Media offers a world of weird and wonderful sharing of images, stories and videos. This medium is different from traditional forms of advertising and media; it is not a space for loud sales pushing creative or standard Shutterstock images. We need to be relaxed and evoke a sense of word-of-mouth sharing in order to gain traction and compete against our biggest competitors in the space.


Curated images and storyboard (Instagram needs to be your brand’s digital magazine). Use of interesting captions, hashtags and tagging. Influencers to gain visual traction. Social sharing and audience copycat posting. Growth hacking to target competitors audience members.



Use Facebook for its targeting capabilities for paid advertising. Event information sharing and boost posts for competitions. Social sharing functionality of photo gallery – past and present Introduction of brand culture via audience sharing

Paid social media reach, promoting the different dental services tailoring the content to target the different segments of the market.


  • Use organic (raw) footage created by audience members and share across the Facebook platform.

  • Run LIVE feeds from The Dental Lounge office to introduce the team and the beautiful clinic and the state of the art technology.

  • This generates a 360 view of the brand and adds character giving the audience a reason to follow and check in daily.

  • LIVE streaming also allows for a larger broadcasting opportunity without paying for the reach. Why? This is a new function on Facebook so such content is push into more user feeds.


We will be working as an extension of your team, to ensure we meet your desired objectives

1.Improve the profile, brand awareness and brand following - I want The Dental Room to be well known among the public and the dental industry all over Melbourne (and especially in the inner east). Be famous! 


2. Engaging with the right social media influencers who are on brand. 


3. To be innovating and doing things different from other dental practices. To be seen as unique and creative and funky and cool!  And to be one step ahead of others. 


4. Promotion of our services and getting queries on these services - mainly invisalign; smile makeovers; dental implants; teeth whitening. We currently do not do anywhere near as much as i would like with these services. 


5. To build my profile as an expert in mature women's and men's dental health issues. 


6. Increase the number of new clients from one per day to two per day. 


7. My social media pages to be on brand and look beautiful. 


8. Social media to look real. I like the fact that you have a photographer to take photos in house. Rather than just using stock imagery all the time.

Here at Avenew we offer a boutique, hands-on approach, specifically tailored to your brand and product. Our bespoke strategies for Storytelling focus on your unique objectives and target audience.


We not only create and promote brand presence and awareness in the digital marketplace, but quantifiably improve customer engagement, driving the right traffic to your social platforms.